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evam eva / goods

Some accessaries are available for current exhibition, layers of color'.

Margaret Solow Neclace
Stone. Toumaline, Iorite, Raibow Moonstone etc.

natural stones have various colors
different feature in the light

small but full of the sense of exsistance

*each store has different styles

original color ink
Shisui, Fukakiri, Konjyo

subtle, nuanced colors are specially made for this exhibition
blur, light and shade

fountain pen, ball pen are also available.
From Kakimori in Kuramae, Tokyo

lether item
Color. antique white, grege, gray, north sea

pen case
drawstring bag

made from nubuk leather
color range reminds of colors in sky

mail order is available.


evam eva / 9 subtle gradation colors

landscape of mountains is familiar to us in Yamanashi

foggy spring haze
twilight brings deep blue sky
hazy moon in the spring night

why mountains can be seen full of various colors though trees are just green
that's because plenty of air between mountains and us
emit light, overlap and then colors we perceive are born

like as natural aging for secular change
colors become lighter through oxidization with ozone

one color has become 9 subtle gradation colors

Tukishiro Shinonome Usunibi Hakubo Hukakiri Konjyou Oboroyo Yoiyami Sumi

come with 9 old names describe colored scenary

gather cardigan / Tukishiro
camisole / sumi
pants / stone gray

Tukishiro - moonrise, sky grows lighter
subtle pale white

gathered lucent fabric catches the air and wears the wind

gather robe / Shinonome
camisole onepiece / beige
leggings / sage

Shinonome - sunrise east sky become light mildly
gentle gray for Spring

noble cache-coeur one piece dress

gather robe / 薄鈍
pullover / sage
pants / blue gray

薄鈍 - 淡く霞みゆく 灰色がかった薄曇りの空


― 山梨3周年限定アイテム



limited tunic and robe specially made for Yamanashi 3rd anniversary

colors / Shinonome Usunibi Hakubo Sumi

band collar shirts (left up)   half sleeve shirts (right up)
henley neck shirts (left down)  shirts (right down)

men's shirts are also available only at Yamanashi store
linen / regular dye

Now white magnolia blooms in Yamanashi

Come and visit us in the beautiful spring sunlight


evam eva / anniversary event

Celebrating Anniversaries for two stores, Yokohama and Sapporo,
We really appreciate all your kind support for evam eva.

Our anniversary event will start soon.

- Yokohama 10th Anniversary

silk bolero
color. antique white / oyster / sumi

Woven with 100% silk yarn, that has dry hand like linen.

Versatile for everything and wearable in both ways, upside down.

novelty / knit bag

Available in four colors, with over 30,000 yen purchase at Yokohama store.
(stocks are limited)

white porcelain / glasses
beautiful craft works from creators

- Sapporo 1st Anniversary

novelty / linen handkerchief

Available in four colors, with over 20,000 yen purchase at Sapporo store.
(stocks are limited)

table wear

from aged colors like antiquities to plain white
The are the quiet beauty in all the detailed textures.

treats from yamanashi

original blend tea‘toki’
grape juice
peach compote

on Vernal Equinox Day
start at the same time as’layering of colors’


evam eva / men's goods

Currently we have variety of High quality goods suitable as a gift
for Valentine's day or new life celebration.

Everything is carefully curated in order to be cherished for a long time.

cashmere neck warmer
ivory, mocha, gray, stone gray, charcoal
9,350 yen

Woven with the middle gauge cashmere
Versatile for any styles.

cashmere stole
beige, light gray, charcoal

Simple rectangle cashmere stole
gently soft and warm, wearable in anyways

wool knit necktie
light gray gray charcoal
9,900 yen

moss stich pattern adds
somewhat gentle nuance to the formal suit style

wool cashmere rib socks
light gray mocha khaki charcoal
2,860 yen

Middle length rib socks for men
Wool and cashmere combination is soft and warm for daily use.


gallery schedule / evam eva yamanashi

For the year 2020, we expect wide range of special events and workshops at our gallery in evam eva yamanashi.

For more information;
形 企画展スケジュール

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