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evam eva / weaving and knitting


weaving and knitting
Fri September 13 - Sunday 29

knitting starts from a thread
a stitch connects to the next and form a shape

weaving warf and weft
threads across in turns to become a fabric

eaving and knitting starts on Friday 13th.

You can feel and find the 'trace'
in the unique patetrn of textile or knit fabric

with over 30,000 purchase
limited knit shoulder bag is available as novely

The special exhibition starts on Sat 14
at our gallery in evam eva yamanashi

wear the rich and unique materials
made by knitting and weaving by hands


autumn collection

seasonless clothiong
our concept for the latest autumn collection

for summer, dry and light fitting of linen or washi
for winter, cashmere adds warmth

various kinds of blues
shady blue appears more beautiful in winter

irrespective of seasons
be yourself

new autumn collection has arrived at evam eva stores
at the same time that the beginning of autumn has come
in the traditional Japanese calendar

longing for the coming seasons
come to see our latest collection


catalogue AW2019

Our new look book for AW19 has just arrived.

an effortless beauty

making into a shape to wear

now available at evam eva stores


request for domestic delivery

Please send following stamps;
82yen × 5 = total 410yen

to ;
evam eva
5-17-6-106 Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo



For summer simple styles,
materials and design are the key to enhance coolness

robe / sumi
pants / sumi
shoes / black

Cachecoeur dress has the noble feeling like Japaese Kimono

semi-wide arm line contribute to elegance
there are tuck in both front and back
dry cotton texture is really comfortable

onepiece / ink blue
stole / sumi
shoes / black

sleeveless dress looks refreshing and cool
the wide hem sway in the breeze

stoles and cardigans are essentials for air-conditioned rooms
or to screen yourself from the sun

onepiece / fog
necklace / Margaret Solow

each natural stone has the unique color and texture

recomenned as a spice for summer styles



dense fog in rainy season is fleeting
mist hang mountains are so beautiful in the morning

inspired by such beautiful scenery,
various grays are available in our collection.

pullover / light gray
bolero / light gray
pants / ivory
shoes / ecru
pearl bracelet, necklace

light gray like foggy sky

the high gauge cotton knit has elegant mpression
when wearing toghether with small pearl accessaries

robe / blue gray
pants / light gray
shoes / ecru
Aduma-bukuro / blue gray

misty blue gray is more gentle than clear blue

cache-coeur robe is wearable in two ways;
closong the front as a dress or just wear as it is

pullover / stone gray
pants / sumi
shoes / black
stole / dove gray
bag / black
borelo / dave gray

stone gray has refined and faded nuance, not clear

tucked aroud neck at random
not too sweet when putting the hem into the bottom

feel the season by wering colors from nature

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